Garbage “Bleed Like Me” CD (2005)
Garbage “Bleed Like Me” CD (2005)
Garbage “Bleed Like Me” CD (2005)
Garbage “Bleed Like Me” CD (2005)
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Garbage “Bleed Like Me” CD (2005)

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Details: Bleed Like Me is the fourth studio album by the band Garbage released in 2005. Great condition!

Description:It originally had the working title 'Hands on a Hard Body,' but Shirley Manson announced that the band had come up with a new title, 'Bleed Like Me,' that better fits the band's improved dynamic following a period of tension and crisis in October 2003. Shirley has also said BLM will comprise more hard rock and be a return to Garbage's roots after the eclectic experiment of beautifulgarbage, an announcement that has resonated with most fans.”—BrooklynVegan on the announcement of Garbage’s album Bleed Like Me

Grade: NM (CD/Cover)


1. Bad Boyfriend 
2. Run Baby Run
3.  Right Between The Eyes
4. Why Do You Love Me
5. Bleed Like Me
6. Metal Heart
7. Sex Is Not The Enemy
8. It’s All Over But Crying 
9. Boys Wanna Fight
10. Why Don’t You Come Over
11. Happy Home