Deerhoof "Deerhoof Vs. Evil" LP (2011)
Deerhoof "Deerhoof Vs. Evil" LP (2011)
Deerhoof "Deerhoof Vs. Evil" LP (2011)
Polyvinyl Records

Deerhoof "Deerhoof Vs. Evil" LP (2011)

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Details: New black vinyl. This is the 10th studio album on Polyvinyl Records by Deerhoof. "Deerhoof vs Evil," (2011). Comes packaged in a gatefold sleeve with a d/l code. All songs were recorded in Deerhoof's practice room and Ed's basement except for Let's Dance The Jet. Fun, experimental sounds. "... proof that, once again, Deerhoof can craft something fresh and different after so many albums. In their world, evil and boredom are practically the same things, and Deerhoof vs. Evil triumphs against both,"--Heather Phares, AllMusic 

Description: "Deerhoof vs. Evil is the tenth studio album by the band Deerhoof. It was released on January 6, 2011, on P-Vine Records in Japan, January 24, 2011, on ATP Recordings in the United Kingdom, January 25, 2011, on Polyvinyl in the USA, and January 30, 2011, on Flying Nun Records in New Zealand.

The band released the album one track at a time via different media outlets online, with a full map and schedule available on their own website. The first song released was "The Merry Barracks", which streamed on October 8, 2010, via the US website Pitchfork Media."

Grade: M (new sealed)


A1. Qui Dorm, Només Somia
A2. Behold A Marvel In The Darkness
A3. The Merry Barracks
A4. No One Asked To Dance
A5. Let's Dance The Jet
A6. Super Duper Rescue Heads!


B1. Must Fight Current
B2. Secret Mobilization
B3. Hey I Can
B4. C'Moon
B5. I Did Crimes For You
B6. Almost Everyone, Almost Always