David Johansen "Live It Up" LP (1982)
David Johansen "Live It Up" LP (1982)
David Johansen "Live It Up" LP (1982)
David Johansen "Live It Up" LP (1982)
David Johansen "Live It Up" LP (1982)
Blue Sky Records

David Johansen "Live It Up" LP (1982)

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Details: David Johansen (New York Dolls) live album released in 1982 on Blue Sky Records. Shelf wear, light ring wear on back. Initials in pen on front from previous owner. Noticeable scuff marks, but still plays great.

Description: "Having escaped a magnificently sordid reputation as the decadent voice and face of the New York Dolls, David Johansen managed to earn himself a place in mainstream rock circles (and beyond). While keeping a firm grip on the musical values that originally inspired the Dolls, Johansen crafted a uniquely urban style that suits his rough-throated singing as well as his Lower East Side personality.

David Jo’s solo debut was a very successful launch, containing most of the songs for which he came to be known. “Funky but Chic,” “Donna,” “Frenchette” and “Cool Metro” (three of which were co-written by ex-bandmate Syl Sylvain) are played in grand post-CBGB fashion by some of the Bowery’s best vets. Better than bar-band but decidedly unslick, David Johansen perfectly transforms an insolent punk into a rock’n’roll adult.

Without destroying his urban soul, In Style makes an effort to clean and dress up Johansen’s sound. Adding synthesized strings and horns, attempting overambitious stylistic experiments and relying on decidedly sophomore-slump material, In Style‘s two good tracks (“She” and “Melody”) are lost in the morass. The failure of In Style undoubtedly inspired the misdirected Here Comes the Night, an ill-conceived stab at making Johansen simultaneously into a heavy metal shouter and a sensitive, poetic artist. A lot of very talented people had their hands in this project, but weak songs and the lack of cohesion make it a disaster.

Fortunately, Live It Up put Johansen’s career right back on course. With his longstanding reputation as a great performer and empirical evidence of a well-received live promotional-only record made for radio in 1978 (and finally given commercial release in 1993), it was a judicious tactic to cut a live album for regular release. Benefiting from carefully chosen classic tunes and Johansen’s extraordinary skill as a song interpreter, Live It Up is a great party record by a great singer. Johansen comes alive!" - Trouser Press

Grade: VG+ (Record/Sleeve)


A1. We Gotta Get Out Of This Place/Don't Bring Me Down/It's My Life
A2. Frenchette
A3. Reach Out I'll Be There
A4. Is This What I Get For Loving You
A5. Donna


B1. Build Me Up Buttercup
B2. Melody
B3. Funky But Chic
B4. Bohemian Love Pad
B5. Stranded In The Jungle
B6. Personality Crisis