Chronophage “Chronophage” LP (2022)
Chronophage “Chronophage” LP (2022)
Post Present Medium

Chronophage “Chronophage” LP (2022)

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Details: Austin TX’s Chronophage eponymous third album released on black vinyl (Post Present Medium, 2022). Comes in a resealable clear, poly sleeve. New stock.

Description: “Chronophage’s third LP is a scarcely anticipated revelation full of poise and delicacy. Tough, tender, precise and unconstrained, it concentrates the tragic ingredients of the past two years into ten songs. Each one is a decisive, well-cut crystal: sharp, clear, weighted. Can you envision a midpoint between Big Star and the Homosexuals? Imagine Nick Lowe constructing defiant rejections of the civil structure? Chronophage’s unconstrained melodies and gleefully imaginative structures enact such original, liberatory music.”

Grade: M (new stock)


A1. Love Torn In A Dream
A2. After A Storm
A3. Swimmer
A4. Summer To Fall
A5. Cop In Psyche


B1. Spirit Armor
B2. Old City Back Again
B3. Black Clouds
B4. Burst To Shell
B5. Fear and Agony