Bow Wow Wow "Wild In The U.S.A." CD (1998)
Bow Wow Wow "Wild In The U.S.A." CD (1998)
Bow Wow Wow "Wild In The U.S.A." CD (1998)
Bow Wow Wow "Wild In The U.S.A." CD (1998)
Bow Wow Wow "Wild In The U.S.A." CD (1998)
Cleopatra Records

Bow Wow Wow "Wild In The U.S.A." CD (1998)

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Details: Bow Wow Wow out of print CD "Wild In The U.S.A.," released on Cleopatra Records in 1998. Includes remixed tracks and live tracks from the band's 1997/1998 live tour dates.

Description: Wild in the U.S.A. is a compilation album by English new wave band Bow Wow Wow, released solely on compact disc in 1998 by Cleopatra Records.

Wild in the U.S.A. is a 20-track compilation. The first six tracks are remixes of their greatest hits, and the last 14 tracks are from a U.S. tour that began in December 1997, and ended in March 1998. Two shows were used for this collection: the January 10, 1998 show at the Bluebird Theater in Denver, Colorado, and the March 7, 1998 show at the Drama Club in Santa Fe, New Mexico.

Grade: NM (Cover/Case/CD)


1. I Want Candy (Razed In Black Mix)
2. W.O.R.K. (Atomic Dog Mix Remixed by Wayne Hussey of The Mission UK)
3. C30 C30 C90 Go! (Remixed by Kevin Haskins of Love & Rockets - Remix)
4. Do You Wanna Hold me (CKB Remix)
5. W.O.R.K. (Spahn Ranch Mix)
6. I Want Candy (Girl Eats Boy Remix)
7. Giant Sized Baby Thing
8. Louis Quatorze (mispelled as 'Quartorze' in this pressing)
9. Baby, Oh No!
10. Sexy Eiffel Tower
11. See Jungle
12. Mile High Club
13. Uomo Sex Al Apache
14. Prince of Darkness
15. Go Wild In The Country
16. Aphrodisiac
17. I Want Candy
18. C30 C60 C90 Go
19. Do You Want To Hold Me