Anita Baker "Compositions" CD (1990)
Anita Baker "Compositions" CD (1990)
Anita Baker "Compositions" CD (1990)
Anita Baker "Compositions" CD (1990)
Elektra Records

Anita Baker "Compositions" CD (1990)

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Details: Anita Baker's fourth studio album released on Elektra Records, 1990 (CD format, US). Light to no wear on CD. Playtested, no issues. 

Description: "... Baker casts an undeniable spell, which on Compositions is stronger and more intimate than it was on her two previous major-label albums. Her musicians — always a small group, sometimes no more than keyboards, bass, and drums — follow her thoughtfully, mixing R&B, jazz, and old and new pop. They play with discreet but tangible abandon, maybe because they recorded the songs at the same time Baker did, something almost unheard of in an age when the instrumental part of an album is usually taped first and vocal parts slotted in long after the musicians have left the studio. The result is music that holds up well on repeated hearings."--EW

Grade: NM (Cover) / VG+ (CD)


1. Talk To Me
2. Perfect Love Affair
3. Whatever It Takes
4. Soul Inspiration
5. Lonely
6. No One To Blame
7. More Than You Know
8. Love You To The Letter
9. Fairy Tales