Amy Rigby "The Old Guys" LP (2018)
Amy Rigby "The Old Guys" LP (2018)
Amy Rigby "The Old Guys" LP (2018)
Amy Rigby "The Old Guys" LP (2018)
Amy Rigby "The Old Guys" LP (2018)
Southern Domestic

Amy Rigby "The Old Guys" LP (2018)

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Details: Amy Rigby's eighth solo studio album was released on Southern Domestic in 2018. New stock, sealed. Hype sticker on front.

Description: "Rigby's new album, which features jangly guitars and thumping drums, sounds like an old-fashioned rock 'n' roll album. But critic Ken Tucker says that The Old Guy is definitely not "a nostalgia item."--NPR

"Rigby keeps the standard, showing that after all these years she has neither lost her composing nor performing touch. With The Old Guys, Amy Rigby shows that ‘standard rock’ is neither gone nor faded if you come up with enough quality and inventiveness to hold the torch. Glad to have her back."--Echoes and Dust

"Amy Rigby has been writing, performing and recording her transcendent songs about everyday life for over 30 years, first with bands Last Roundup and the Shams in NYC, from 1996 solo debut Diary Of A Mod Housewife to The Old Guys (2018). She published her first book Girl To City in 2019."

“ of the country’s best songwriters, with a mordant wit and keen eye for emotional detail.”--Chicago Reader

Grade: M (New stock)


A1. From Philiproth@gmail to
A2. Are We Still There Yet
A3. Back From Amarillo
A4. Playing Pittsburgh
A5. Lesley
A6. The Old Guys


B1. On The Barricade
B2. New Sheriff
B3. Robert Altman
B4. Slow Burner
B5. Bob
B6. One Off