Linda Lindas "Growing Up" CD (2022)
Linda Lindas "Growing Up" CD (2022)
Epitaph Records

Linda Lindas "Growing Up" CD (2022)

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Details: The Linda Linda's debut full-length released on Epitaph Records, 2022. New stock, digipak format, sealed.

Description: "Having written a mountain of new material individually while sheltering in place and attending class virtually, the band was more than ready to enter the studio where Mila and Lucia’s dad (and Eloise’s uncle and Bela’s “uncle”) Carlos de la Garza oversaw recording and production. The Grammy-winning producer’s work includes Paramore, Bad Religion, Best Coast, and Bleached. 
A product of generations of underground music in L.A. and beyond, The Linda Lindas’ debut channels classic punk, post-punk, power pop, new wave, and other surprises into timelessly catchy and cool songs sung by all four members—each with her own style and energy. A handful of cuts have already been previewed at shows and enthusiastically approved by diehard followers in the pit at L.A.’s DIY punk institution The Smell and Head in the Cloud festivalgoers at The Rose Bowl alike."

"On their debut album, the teen (and pre-teen) punk rockers turn adolescent angst and razor-sharp hooks into heartwarming pop-punk with ample charm."--Pitchfork

"The Linda Lindas know what they are – energetic, enthusiastic, and effortlessly cool – and the confidence with which these 10 tracks are delivered is proof this is just the beginning. There’s some growing up to be done, but right now, The Linda Lindas are reveling in the joys of youth, and it sounds great."--Kerrang!

Grade: M (new stock)


1. Oh!
2. Growing Up
3. Talking To Myself
4. Fine
5. Nino
6. Why
7. Cuántas Veces
8. Remember
9. Magic
10. Racist, Sexist Boy