Wolf Colonel "Vikings Of Mint" CD (2000)
Wolf Colonel "Vikings Of Mint" CD (2000)
K Records

Wolf Colonel "Vikings Of Mint" CD (2000)

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Details: New stock. Jason Anderson solo project, Wolf Colonel "Vikings of Mint" released in 2000 on K Records. Indie-Rock, Alt-Rock.

Description: "With a band name like Wolf Colonel and short, spiky pop songs with equally nonsensical titles like "Mister Easter Aeroplane," "These Aquatic Droids," and "Uncle of France" -- 15 of them in less than a half-hour, all told -- it's pretty clear that singer/guitarist Jason Anderson learned his indie-rock life lessons at the altar of Guided by Voices. Fortunately, Vikings of Mint is a damn sight better than the last few GBV records; what Anderson's songs lack in originality they make up for in sheer panache, combining tersely infectious melodies, woozy harmonies, and careening guitars to create breathlessly energetic fuzz-pop worth a listen for its enthusiasm alone. Sure, Vikings of Mint wears its influences on its sleeve -- Superchunkthe Replacements, and Buffalo Tom figure prominently as well -- but in its own hand-me-down way, it's the kind of indie rock record they just don't make anymore." - Jason Ankeny

and from K:

"A rambunctious tribe of merry pranksters onslaught rock, warping all concepts of the bubblegum powered volume high. Dedicated to pop music in a big way and it shows in these fifteen songs clocking in at no longer than two and a half minutes each. Wolf Colonel re-invents "attention deficit rock". It's over the top can't-get-it-out-of-your-headness. Wit, humor, loudness; Vikings of Mint pillages the rock script and scorches a new kaboom with authority.

Vikings of Mint is the first album from Wolf Colonel, led by Jason Anderson (vocals, bass, and guitars) with Adam Forkner on drums (White RainbowYume Bitsu). This was produced by Brian Weber (DNSS) at Dub Narcotic Studio over the course of three days (during which Jason refused to leave the studio, sleeping and eating there until the album was finished)."

Grade: M (new stock/sealed)


1. A Medium Rootbeer
2. Mister Easter Aeroplane
3. The Emporer In The Sky
4. These Aquatic Droids
5. The Clam, The Owl
6. Moral Of The Story
7. Agave's Lament
8. Uncle Of France
9. Dear Elliott
10. Know What The Story Is
11. T-Resistable
12. You Ignore Me
13. The Indian Ocean
14. The Top Seven Singles Club
15. Scared Of A Snail