Veruca Salt “Resolver” CD (2000)
Veruca Salt “Resolver” CD (2000)
Veruca Salt “Resolver” CD (2000)
Veruca Salt “Resolver” CD (2000)

Veruca Salt “Resolver” CD (2000)

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Details: Resolver is the third studio album by the band Veruca Salt. It was released on May 16, 2000, on Velveteen and Beyond Records. CD tray art has a promo hole punch, bottom right corner. Great condition! 

Description: "I'm not the same person as before," sings Louise Post to open the first Veruca Salt album since the departure of the band's other singer-songwriter, Nina Gordon, and "Resolver" is being advertised as Post's hard-rock move. In fact, the quartet always melded pop and metal in the manner of other prominent Chicago bands. "Resolver" is more metallic than Cheap Trick but less grandiose than Smashing Pumpkins, which is pretty much the niche Veruca Salt has occupied since its 1994 debut.

Post is the only band member who survives from the '94 lineup, but what distinguishes "Resolver" is not a new style but a newfound consistency. Track for track, this is the band's catchiest album. Although "Best You Can Get" and "Yeah Man" are exuberant, such songs as "Officially Dead" and "Used to Know Her" offer variations on a theme: men who leave, guys who won't put out and--by implication--friends who abandon you for a solo career. Still, the full melodies and lively arrangements offer plenty of musical variety to contrast the limited subject matter. Post may be bummed out, but when she defiantly proclaims that she's a "Born Entertainer," she's not kidding.“—Mark Jenkins, Washington Post (May 2000)

Grade: NM (CD Cover)


1. The Same Person
2. Born Entertainer 
3. Best You Can Get
4. Wet Suit
5. Yeah Man
6. Imperfectly 
7. Officially Dead
8. Only You Know
9. Disconnected
10. All Dressed Up
11. Used To Know Her
12. Pretty Boys
13. Hellraiser