Various Artists "Sugar Rush" CS (2016)
Various Artists "Sugar Rush" CS (2016)
Various Artists "Sugar Rush" CS (2016)
Various Artists "Sugar Rush" CS (2016)
Various Artists "Sugar Rush" CS (2016)
Various Artists "Sugar Rush" CS (2016)
The Grey Estates/Negative Fun Records

Various Artists "Sugar Rush" CS (2016)

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Details: "Eleven song covers compilation committed to a sweet lavender shelled magnetic tape." Comes with a download code. Released February 29th, 2016. Released by Negative Fun Records (Chris DeFusco) and Grey Estates (Lauren Rearick). Featuring cover tracks by Claire Morales/Jena Pyle, Kississippi, Boosegumps, Mommy Long Legs, Daddy Issues (NC), and others.

Description: "Almost three years ago, I (hi, I'm Lauren) founded The Grey Estates, and it was always a dream of mine to take our compilation series and turn it into something totally original and physical. Last year, a pair of our favorite songstresses released a cover of Patsy Cline's "Strange," and we talked of how cool it would be to get a bunch of dreamy female/gender-neutral artists together for a cover song compilation. Thus, Sugar Rush was born.

Today, I'm pleased to welcome my partner in release crime, Chris DeFusco of Negative Fun Records to talk about one of the tracks (which is kind of a NSFW cover). He has been such a valuable aid in this project, and supported all of my insane ideas, answered my million e-mails and guided me in all things tape release. Along with Chris, I would like to extend the biggest thank you to all of the bands who contributed to and supported this project. I can't ever begin to express how grateful I am and how much this means to me. It's a dream come true." - Lauren Rearick, the Grey Estates, February 2016

"I feel fortunate that Lauren asked Negative Fun to lend a hand with the Sugar Rush compilation. In this case, most of the originals are fairly well known, but it is our hope that those familiar sounds lead you to become invested in the artists performing the cover. Our current scene moves fast. Two or three years can feel like an eternity. Some of these bands will shine bright and burn hot, fleeting, but essential. As a record label, our mission statement is to document the sounds that we feel are important. Sugar Rush is as vital as a documentation of a place and time as some of the hardcore compilations that formed the road map to underground music that I followed as a teen. We hope you enjoy the ride." - Chris DeFusco, Negative Fun Records, February 2016

Grade: M


A1. Claire Morales & Jena Pyle - Strange (Patsy Cline)
A2. Kississippi - Kiss Me (Sixpence None The Richer)
A3. Boosegumps - Everywhere (Fleetwood Mac)
A4. Sundae Crush - Unpretty (TLC)
A5. Pony - Feelin' This (Blink 182)


B1. Susan - I Held Her In My Arms (Violent Femmes)
B2. Pearl Earl - Mongoloid (DEVO)
B3. Mommy Long Legs - People Ain't No Good (The Cramps)
B4. Alright - Hopeless Romantic (The Bouncing Souls)
B5. The Pretty Greens - (I'm Not Your) Regular Woman (Lucille Mathis)
B6. Daddy Issues (NC) - Riot Grrrl