Total Coelo "I Eat Cannibals" PR 12" SINGLE (1983)
Total Coelo "I Eat Cannibals" PR 12" SINGLE (1983)
Total Coelo "I Eat Cannibals" PR 12" SINGLE (1983)
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Total Coelo "I Eat Cannibals" PR 12" SINGLE (1983)

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Details: Used 12" promo single by 80s new wave synth-pop band Toto Coelho aka Total Coelo for their short and extended track "I Eat Cannibals" b/w "Mucho Macho." The band was based out of Britain, only changing their name from "Toto Coelo" to "Total Coelo" in the US so as to not be confused with/sued by the band, "Toto." Gold promo stamp is on bottom left corner (front) of LP. Fun single! Wear on the LP, but overall in decent condition, marked conservatively as VG. The record itself is near-mint/clean.

Description: On the back of the picture sleeve, A-side is only referred to as single track, "I Eat Cannibals (Extended Version)." However, it is broken up into two on the A-side label and record itself. Toto Coelo (renamed Total Coelo in the US) was a 1980s British new wave group, masterminded by producer Barry Blue. The original members were singers Anita Mahadevan, Lacey Bond, Lindsey Danvers, Ros Holness (daughter of television presenter Bob Holness), and Sheen Doran.

The group is best known for its 1982 hit single "I Eat Cannibals", which reached No. 8 in the UK Singles Chart, and was also a top 10 hit in Australia, South Africa, and Sweden. "I Eat Cannibals" also charted in the US, where it peaked at No. 66 in April 1983. The follow-up single, "Dracula's Tango (Sucker For Your Love)", was less successful, but reached the top 20 in Australia and Sweden. The group's only studio album, 1983's Man o' War, was not a commercial success, charting highest in Sweden at No. 46. A third single, "Milk from the Coconut", was released from the album and peaked No. 4 in South Africa. Following the album, Anita Mahadevan and Sheen Doran left the group. The band was briefly featured in the unreleased horror film Grizzly II: The Predator, performing "Milk from the Coconut" in a few scenes of the rock concert ("the stars in Grizzly 2 were set to use original cast members: Louise FletcherSteve InwoodJohn Rhys-DaviesDeborah Raffin, and Deborah Foreman. The new cast also included Charlie SheenGeorge Clooney, and Laura Dern, who were unknown at the time, despite being from families of popular stars. It also featured live performances by Toto Coelo, Landscape III, and other musicians."In 1985, the remaining three members of Toto Coelo (now signed to Debut Records) released two further singles, "Girls Night Out" and "Gimme Some Lovin'," neither of which charted.

Lacey, Lindsey, and Ros also performed as the backing singers for the Bruce Foxton Band (of The Jam) in 1985. They feature prominently on the 'Live in London' performance filmed at the Camden Palace, which has been released on video (Dubious, 1986) and DVD (SFM, 2012).

The group's name is Latin and means "by the whole extent of the heavens" or "heaven-wide", but is commonly translated as "completely", "entirely" or "utterly." Of the name, Sheen Doran said, "It has a number of meanings, such as 'heart and soul', 'root and branch,' and 'totally different.' It seemed to describe what we were. Plus, it's strange-sounding and hard to pronounce, so it sticks in your mind." The group was renamed Total Coelo in the United States to avoid confusion with the American rock group Toto. Mahadevan later changed her name to Anita Chellamah and formed Cherry Bombz with several former members of Hanoi Rocks, including Andy McCoy. She is now known as Anita Chellamah-Nurse and works as a television actress and presenter. She appeared as Tania in the 1995 episode of One Foot in the Grave entitled, 'The Exterminating Angel.'

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1. I Eat Cannibals (Extended Version - Pt. 1)
2. I Eat Cannibals (Extended Version - Pt. 2)


1. I Eat Cannibals (Short Version)
2. Mucho Macho