'Til Tuesday "Voices Carry" LP (1985)
'Til Tuesday "Voices Carry" LP (1985)
'Til Tuesday "Voices Carry" LP (1985)

'Til Tuesday "Voices Carry" LP (1985)

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Details: 'til Tuesday "Voices Carry" LP (1985, epic). Previously owned, ring/shelf wear, record in great condition.

Description: ‘Til Tuesday had a short but fruitful career encapsulated within the bonds of the mid-1980s music scene. Their 1985 debut album, Voices Carry, features the famous, indelible title track which put the band on the map and has since given them a permanent position on the pantheon of eighties “one-hit wonders”. However, all of the songs on this album have a pop approach and each displays the distinct skills of the four band members as they stick closely to those elements in which they are most comfortable and perform masterfully.

Fronted by lead vocalist and bassist Aimee Mann, ‘Til Tuesday was formed in 1982 in Boston. A few months after their formation, the group won a 1983 radio station competition which resulted in their original demo “Love In a Vacuum” receiving significant airplay in the Boston area. Soon the group was signed to Epic Records and they entered the studio with producer Mike Thorne.

The group went to New York City to record the album. All songs on Voices Carry credit Mann with the lyrics and the musicians – guitarist Robert Holmes, keyboardist Joey Pesce, and drummer Michael Hausman – with composing the music.

... Voices Carry found some critical acclaim and reached the Top 20 on the album charts. The 1986 follow-up, Welcome Home, saw more individual songwriting but less commercial success, and ‘Til Tuesday essentially broke up upon the release of their third and final album, Everything’s Different Now in 1988."--Classic Rock 

Grade: VG/VG+


A1. Love In A Vacuum
A2. Looking Over My Shoulder
A3. I Could Get Used To This
A4. No More Crying
A5. Voices Carry


B1. Winning The War
B2. You Know The Rest
B3. Maybe Monday
B4. Don't Watch Me Bleed
B5. Sleep