The Waitresses "Wasn't Tomorrow Wonderful?" (1982)
The Waitresses "Wasn't Tomorrow Wonderful?" (1982)
The Waitresses "Wasn't Tomorrow Wonderful?" (1982)
The Waitresses "Wasn't Tomorrow Wonderful?" (1982)
The Waitresses "Wasn't Tomorrow Wonderful?" (1982)
ZE Records

The Waitresses "Wasn't Tomorrow Wonderful?" (1982)

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Details: This is a fun original promo copy of Ohio and (later) NY band "The Waitresses" for their debut 1980/1982 album "Wasn't Tomorrow Wonderful?" licensed from ZE and pressed by Polydor Records. The sleeve has definite shelf wear on the edges (worn) and ring wear, but this is a fun li'l copy to play over and over again! Features their hits "I Know What Boys Like" and "No Guilt." Gold promo stamp in the bottom corner on the back. Club edition. 

After the dissolution of the Waitresses Patty Donahue went on to become an A&R music rep, but later passed away in 1996 from lung cancer (she was a heavy smoker) and prominent bassist Tammy Wormworth went on to perform live with the B-52s (she's been with them since the Cosmic tour, 1990). Although Tammy Wormworth does not appear to be playing bass on this album, she joined the band right after the album was released replacing their original bass player, and she appeared live with the band and was featured in their official music video for their hit song, "I Know What Boys Like" when it was released.

Description: "Wasn't Tomorrow Wonderful? is the debut album of new wave band the Waitresses, originally released in 1982 by Polydor, licensed from ZE Records. The album peaked at No. 41 in the Billboard 200 chart and included the earlier single "I Know What Boys Like". 

AllMusic critic Ben Tausig, writing retrospectively, said that the album "was a unique and fairly important moment in early-'80s new wave", and noted that "lead singer Patty Donahue's singing ranged from a playful sexiness on the well-known hit "I Know What Boys Like" to a half-talk, half-yell with shades of post-punk groups like Gang of Four and the Raincoats on 'Pussy Strut' and 'Go On.' The guitar and bass were bizarre and funk-influenced in much the same way as other well-known Akron, OH, groups like Devo and the Pretenders"."

Grade: VG (Cover) / NM (record)


1. No Guilt
2. Wise Up
3. Quit
4. It's My Car
5. Wasn't Tomorrow Wonderful?


1. I Know What Boys Like
2. Heat Night
3. Redland
4. Pussy Strut
5. Go On
6. Jimmy Tomorrow