The Sugarcubes "Here Today, Tomorrow Next Week!" CD (1989)
The Sugarcubes "Here Today, Tomorrow Next Week!" CD (1989)
The Sugarcubes "Here Today, Tomorrow Next Week!" CD (1989)
The Sugarcubes "Here Today, Tomorrow Next Week!" CD (1989)
Elektra Records

The Sugarcubes "Here Today, Tomorrow Next Week!" CD (1989)

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Details: The Sugarcubes second album, "Here Today, Tomorrow Next Week," was released in 1989 on Elektra Records in the US. This is the club-edition CD. Pristine condition cover and CD. Looks new, no scuffs/scratches. No barcode. White box with D 173922 in upper left corner rear cover inlay. Mistake in booklet: Track 10 (Shoot Him) is not listed inside the booklet, no lyrics, no track #, no title.

Description: "Emerging from the ashes of K.U.K.L., The Sugarcubes signed to One Little Indian in 1987. Fronted by Björk and Einar Örn Benediktsson, they gained international renown for the unique sound they cultivated, garnering fans such as luminary John Peel, achieving unprecedented success for an Icelandic band at the time and influencing the country’s music scene dramatically.

Their debut album Life’s Too Good was released in 1988, including the hit singles ‘Birthday’ and ‘Deus’, and was followed by Here Today, Tomorrow, Next Week! a year later, and their last, Stick Around For Joy, in 1992. After the breakup of the band, the members pursued their own careers, with Björk’s solo endeavours achieving global success. The Sugarcubes reformed for a concert in Reykjavik in 2006 for the non-profit label Smekkleysa SM.

“The Sugarcubes came out of nowhere, ignored all recognised notions of “balance”, and briefly re-energised “indie” and “alternative” rock/pop with a spontaneous blaze of hyper-active twinkling, some Dali-meets-Dionysus escapism and a flicker of hope. Bjork may have been The Voice, but her troupe of Stuart Sutcliffes brought guts, wits and heart. The Sugarcubes melted opposition and stirred the blood.” --The Quietus

Grade: NM (Cover/CD)


1. Tidal Wave
2. Regina
3. Speed Is The Key
4. Dream TV
5. Nail
6. Pump
7. Eat The Menu
8. Bee
9. Dear Plastic
10. Shoot Him
11. Water
12. A Day Called Zero
13. Planet
14. Hey*
15. Dark Disco 1*
16. Hot Meat*

* Denotes Bonus Tracks, also: 16. Hot Meat is the alternate version of Cold Sweat from the band's debut album, Life's Too Good.