The Shirelles "Tonight's The Night" LP (1961)
The Shirelles "Tonight's The Night" LP (1961)
The Shirelles "Tonight's The Night" LP (1961)
Scepter Records

The Shirelles "Tonight's The Night" LP (1961)

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Details: This is a classic and original used copy of The Shirelles "Tonight's The Night." This is an original issue Scepter Records (mono) release (Scepter logo in the silver scroll). There is some record wear and this is an album that has a bit of age to it, as well as surface scuff marks (Side B, last three songs), but it looks like it was stored with care over the years even if a bit worn. It's a real cute album with a super 50s style album cover. If you are a collector of 60s girl groups, this is a great find in honestly really lovely condition. The seams are splitting a bit in parts, but it's a tough cardboard cover and still has some life in it yet if stored well and taken care of by storing the record outside of the cover or even framing it. The record inside has been cleaned and plays through with no issues, even over the scuff marks on B, the album plays through well.

Description: Tonight's the Night is the debut album by American girl group the Shirelles, released in December 1960 by Scepter Records. It contains the hit song "Will You Love Me Tomorrow" as well as "Tonight's the Night", which became a minor hit for the Shirelles. The album was remastered and restored by Cornbread Records. It was then reissued in 2017 on 180 Gram Vinyl with 2 bonus tracks, one track was "Look A Here Baby" on the end of side A and the second track was "A Teardrop And A Lollipop" on the end of side B. The Cornbread reissue is also out of print.

"Doin' the Ronde". Later on in 1963, "Unlucky" was covered by Dionne Warwick for her debut album. "Boys", which had been the B-side of "Will You Love Me Tomorrow" and a regional hit on its original release became better known after it was covered by the Beatles on their debut album Please Please Me in 1963.

In his retrospective review of the release, Richie Unterberger for AllMusic wrote: "For the most part, even more so than some other Shirelles' long-players, the LP evokes a bygone era when innocuous young love and its accompanying hurts were the centers of many teenagers' universes, fretted over with the detailed seriousness of international diplomacy."

More about The Shirelles:

American girl group, the first to have a number-one single on the Billboard Hot 100. The members of the quartet were Shirley Owens (the main lead singer; later known as Shirley Alston, then Shirley Alston Reeves), Doris Coley (later known as Doris Kenner, then Doris Jackson; who sang lead on "Dedicated to the One I Love", "Welcome Home Baby", "Blue Holiday" and a number of B-sides and album cuts), Beverly Lee, and Addie Harris.

The quartet formed in New Jersey in 1958, and went on to release a string of hits including "Baby It's You" (written by Burt Bacharach/Mack David/Barney Williams), "Mama Said", "Foolish Little Girl", and the US #1 Pop hits "Will You Love Me Tomorrow" (Gerry Goffin/Carole King) and "Soldier Boy" (Florence Greenberg/Luther Dixon). The Shirelles were the first major female vocal group of the rock and roll era, preceding Motown as a crossover phenomenon with white audiences."

Grade: VG (Cover) / VG+ (Record)


1. Tonight's The Night
2. Johnny On My Mind
3. Lower The Flame
4. Will You Love Me Tomorrow
5. Doin The Ronde
6. You Don't Want My Love


1. Dedicated To The One I Love
2. Boys
3. The Dance Is Over
4. Oh, What A Waste Of Love
5. Unlucky
6. Tonight At The Prom