The New Pornographers "Togetherness" Single (2010)
The New Pornographers "Togetherness" Single (2010)
The New Pornographers "Togetherness" Single (2010)

The New Pornographers "Togetherness" Single (2010)

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Details: Used 7" single, new condition. Came together free with the purchase of the New Pornographers 2010 CD album, "Togetherness," as a bonus release from Matador Records. This is the New Pornographers covering (and coveting) the songs of Matthew Smith (of Outrageous Cherry), a Detroit music scene stalwart.

Description: "Matador Records released Together, the new album by the terrific New Pornographers, [May 4th, 2010]. So what does that have to do with Detroit? Well, in addition to the album, the label is releasing a limited-edition, 7-inch vinyl EP, entitled Togetherness: The New Pornographers Play Outrageous Cherry, which will be given out for free (while supplies last) when you purchase the new CD at a local independent record retailer (or, if you pre-ordered the disc at Matador's Website, though it's a little late for that now). The EP features the Pornographers (sometimes referred to as Neko Case's "other" band) doing covers of three songs -- "Georgie, Don't You Know," "Togetherness" and "Electric Child of Witchcraft Rising" -- by our own Matthew Smith and what the Matador site refers to as "the insanely underrated" Outrageous Cherry."--Detroit Metro Times "City Slang" column

About Matthew Smith (formerly Outrageous Cherry, THTX, The Volebeats): "The Matthew Smith Group is the new performing unit of the former Outrageous Cherry songwriter, lead singer, and guitarist. His previous band's combination of psychedelia, folk-rock, art rock, and bubblegum music spans more than 12 albums over nearly three decades. Outrageous Cherry attracted an international cult following and was a fixture in Detroit's underground art and music culture, but the band ended in 2017 with the passing of lead guitarist Larry Ray. The new group will be playing songs from Matthew's upcoming solo album, as well as a few songs from the Outrageous Cherry back catalog. As a solo artist, Matthew's work inhabits a sonic and lyrical territory informed by the many diverse projects he's produced and played with over the years. His work with Rodriguez, Crime and the City Solution, Nathaniel Mayer, Andre Williams, The Go, as well as musical encounters with artists like Kevin Ayers and Damo Suzuki, have all been an inspiration to his latest batch of songs."

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A1. Georgie, Don't You Know
A2. Togetherness


B1. Electric Child of Witchcraft Rising