The Flip Tops "All Worked Up" LP (2002)
The Flip Tops "All Worked Up" LP (2002)
The Flip Tops "All Worked Up" LP (2002)
Rip Off Records

The Flip Tops "All Worked Up" LP (2002)

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Details: Straight-ahead garage-rock punk debut from The Flip Tops on Rip Off Records (the label owned by Greg Lowery of Supercharger). The Flip Tops co-vocalist and bassist Sarah Epstein left the band and went on to play in Phantom Lights, Pussy Whips, The Roswells, and later, The Hunches (In the Red Recordings).

Description: American Punk Rock band originally from Moscow, Idaho, and relocated to Portland, Oregon, in 2001. Released their debut, "All Worked Up" on Rip Off Records in 2002.

Grade: VG++ (Cover/Record)


A1. All Worked Up
A2. Down N' Out
A3. Cold Cold Heart
A4. Get In Line
A5. I Said
A6. Beat You Up


B1. Spill Your Blood
B2. Electrified
B3. Won't Cry For You
B4. I'm Loved
B5. Watcha' Doin' To Me
B6. Bop City