Fiery Furnaces, The "Widow City" CD (2007)
Fiery Furnaces, The "Widow City" CD (2007)
Fiery Furnaces, The "Widow City" CD (2007)
Fiery Furnaces, The "Widow City" CD (2007)
Fiery Furnaces, The "Widow City" CD (2007)
Thrill Jockey Records

Fiery Furnaces, The "Widow City" CD (2007)

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Details: The Fiery Furnaces fifth album, released on Thrill Jockey Records, in 2007. Very light edge and corner (shelf) wear on digipak. Otherwise in fantastic condition.

Description: "Fiery Furnaces' fifth album, Widow City, is the band's most accessible so far, says Ken Tucker. The band's musical landscape is simultaneously disorienting and inviting, peculiar and witty."--NPR

"... Since it's a quintessentially Fiery Furnaces album, Widow City has some moments that rank with their very best: "Clear Signal from Cairo" revels in miscommunication with dense, intersecting melodies and lyrics that could be lifted from a stuttering telegram. "Automatic Husband" throws together thunderous rock, sweeping harps, and spoken-word vocals that border on hip-hop to a playfully sinister melody befitting a cartoon villain. It's the most mischievous the Friedburgers have been since Blueberry Boat, the album Widow City resembles most, down to travelogue songs like the polyrhythmic, bottom-heavy "Cabaret of the Seven Devils." The Furnaces' storytelling is also sharper here than it has been in a few albums: "The Old Hag Is Sleeping" tells the tale of an embittered elderly couple from three viewpoints (hers, his, and their grandchild's), with the sound of chattering monkeys in the background adding to the air of whimsical malice. And, of course, Widow City wouldn't be a quintessentially Fiery Furnaces album without a few confounding moments. "Widow City" begins with tumbling synth drums and pianos, segues into drunken vaudeville, then ends abruptly, as though the Friedburgers and crew were forced to hand over their instruments. Though it doesn't quite hold together as well as their best albums, Widow City has more than enough twists and tricks to keep Fiery Furnaces fans happy, and, once again, it sounds like the work of no other band."--Heather Phares, AllMusic

Grade: NM (CD/Cover)


1. The Philadelphia Grand Jury
2. Duplexes of the Dead
3. Automatic Husband
4. Ex-Guru
5. Clear Signal From Cairo
6. My Egyptian Grammar
7. The Old Hag Is Sleeping
8. Japanese Slippers
9. Navy Nurse
10. Uncle Charlie
11. Right By Conquest
12. Restorative Beer
13. Wicker Whatnots
14. Cabaret Of The Seven Devils
15. Pricked In The Heart
16. Widow City