Suzanne Vega "99.9F" CD (1992)
Suzanne Vega "99.9F" CD (1992)
Suzanne Vega "99.9F" CD (1992)
Suzanne Vega "99.9F" CD (1992)
A&M Records

Suzanne Vega "99.9F" CD (1992)

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Details: Suzanne Vega's brilliant1992 album, 99.9F, released on A&M Records. Does not come with long-box outer packaging. Great condition CD, fantastic album.

Description: "While 99.9 F° is not the techno album that Suzanne Vega was rumored to be making, it does offer a significant departure from her previous contemporary folk albums. Vega uses more synthesizers and drum machines, often evoking a bizarre carnivalesque atmosphere on the album. Still, 99.9 F° is a folk album at heart; every song is steeped in traditional song form, and Vega's writing is strong. Fans of Vega's previous work might be taken aback, but those willing to listen to the album will find that she has produced one of her strongest yet."--AllMusic

"In his New York Times review from 1992, Stephen Holden described 99.9F° as Vega's “most rewarding album”; he wrote: “...the record is filled with intriguing Dadaist clangs, clunks and honks that silhouette her ruminations in a stylized carnival atmosphere...In these fascinating songs, Vega has taken a large step in defining her artistic identity.”--David Chiu, NYT

Grade: NM (CD/Cover)


1. Rock In This Pocket (Song of David)
2. Blood Makes Noise
3. In Liverpool
4. 99.9F
5. Blood Sings
6. Fat Man & Dancing Girl
7. (If You Were) In My Movie
8. As A Child
9. Bad Wisdom
10. When Heroes Go Down
11. As Girls Go
12. Song Of Sand