Sonic Youth “Hold That Tiger” Live LP (1991)
Sonic Youth “Hold That Tiger” Live LP (1991)
Sonic Youth “Hold That Tiger” Live LP (1991)
Sonic Youth “Hold That Tiger” Live LP (1991)
Sonic Youth “Hold That Tiger” Live LP (1991)
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Sonic Youth “Hold That Tiger” Live LP (1991)

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Details: "Hold That Tiger" released in 1991. "Recorded October 14th, 1987 at Cabaret Metro in Chicago in special galacto fidelity." Black vinyl. Lo-fi (low-volume) recording. This record is super clean and shows no scratches or scuffs, but is pop-click-y. Hold That Tiger has also been remastered in recent years digitally to fix some of the lo-fidelity. If you are a Sonic Youth completist (or fan), this may be your tea and you will want this release for your collection, and as the sticker originally said, "one hour long - don't have a cow! crank it up!"

Description: "Hold That Tiger is a live album by the American alternative rock band Sonic Youth, recorded at the Cabaret Metro in Chicago on October 14, 1987. It featured songs from the album Sister. It was released on vinyl in 1991, with a CD release in 1998."

"The recording was nearly 60-minutes in length, so to prevent manufacturing a cost-prohibitive double LP, the master was slightly sped-up to fit the entire concert (SY blasting through a finely-tuned set of songs from Sister, EVOL, and a nightly encore tribute to the Ramones), on one single LP. Cramming the grooves of the vinyl in such a way resulted in Hold That Tiger playing at a lower volume on the stereo, thus the "one hour long - don't have a cow! - crank it up' sticker affixed to the front of the original LP cover. A few years later in 1998, Hold That Tiger was remastered for CD re-issue. The audio quality was improved from the lower fidelity LP but unfortunately the slightly sped-up performance was not corrected!" 

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A1. Intro
A2. Schizophrenia
A3. Tom Violence
A4. White Kross
A5. Kotton Krown
A6. Stereo Sanctity
A7. Brother James
A8. Pipeline / Kill Time
A9. Catholic Block


B1. Tuff Gnarl
B2. Death Valley '69
B3. Beauty Lies In The Eye
B4. Expressway To Yr. Skull
B5. Pacific Coast Hiway


B6. Loudmouth
B7. I Don't Wanna Walk Around With You
B8. Today Yr. Love Tomorrow The World
B9. Beat On The Brat