Slowdive "Souvlaki" CD RE EXT (1994)
Slowdive "Souvlaki" CD RE EXT (1994)
Slowdive "Souvlaki" CD RE EXT (1994)
Slowdive "Souvlaki" CD RE EXT (1994)

Slowdive "Souvlaki" CD RE EXT (1994)

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Details: This is a lightly used, pristine copy, of the US CD reissue of Souvlaki by shoegaze band Slowdive featuring Brian Eno on tracks "Sing" and "Here She Comes" as well as several bonus tracks (among them, a Lee Hazlewood cover "Some Velvet Morning" and a Rachel Goswell penned track, "Country Rain" are featured). Liner notes for the cover fold-out neatly to reveal a full-color legal size poster of the band from the time period. Really nice copy--exceptional album from a band in their prime!

Description: "Prior to writing the album [Souvlaki], band members Rachel Goswell and Neil Halstead had ended their relationship and Halstead began to spend more time writing songs alone, a process that had been completed by the full band in the past. The album's title was taken from a skit by The Jerky Boys,"

"Reading, England, also the early Nineties. Slowdive, a band famed for reducing their fans to floods of tears during live performances, are themselves weeping. With mirth. They’re listening to a tape of The Jerky Boys, a pair of New York pranksters who specialise in making joke calls to small businesses, and one particular skit involving a hotel manager has them in stitches. After countless reruns of the tape, the decision has been made. The band’s second album – and, it turns out, their artistic peak – will be named, somewhat implausibly, after a lamb kebab. If there’s been a less appropriate title in the history of popular music, then it’s been long forgotten. But given the protracted and rather emotional gestation of the record, you can perhaps forgive the five piece for wanting a bit of light relief." - Excerpt from Ian Watson

Early demos for the album were influenced by Joy Division and Low by David Bowie. These demos were initially rejected by Creation Records boss Alan McGee, but he later decided to give the band full creative control over the album. Slowdive asked Brian Eno to produce the album and he declined. However, he agreed to do a couple of days of recording with Halstead, and out of these sessions came the tracks "Sing" and "Here She Comes". Following these sessions, Halstead began to take greater influence from ambient music and has cited Aphex Twin, dub music, and early drum and bass as influences for the track "Souvlaki Space Station". The album was mixed by Ed Buller, who had previously worked with Suede and Spiritualized."


1. Alison
2. Machine Gun
3. 40 Days
4. Sing
5. Here She Comes
6. Souvlaki Space Station
7. When The Sun Hits
8. Altogether
9. Melon Yellow
10. Dagger
11. Some Velvet Morning*
12. Good Day Sunshine*
13. Missing You*
14. Country Rain*

* Bonus Tracks Not On Import