Sinead O'Connor "So Far... The Best Of" CD (1997)
Sinead O'Connor "So Far... The Best Of" CD (1997)
Sinead O'Connor "So Far... The Best Of" CD (1997)
Sinead O'Connor "So Far... The Best Of" CD (1997)
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Sinead O'Connor "So Far... The Best Of" CD (1997)

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Details: Sinead O'Connor compilation album on Chrysalis/EMI/Capitol. Released in 1997 just as she was leaving the label. CD has a light amount of wear, has been play-tested/no issues.

Description: “So Far…The Best Of” was the last album Sinéad O’Connor released on the Chrysalis label. It is an overview of her work on the label, and includes some of her biggest hits to date, as well as some odds and ends collaborations which hadn’t been released on an album proper. The album was put together as Sinéad O’Connor was leaving Chrysalis, and was seen by many as the label’s attempt to cash in on the earlier catalogue material before she was gone for good. The album was released in 1997 and featured two different track listings in various parts of the world. The North American release featured “Heroine”, “I Want Your Hands on Me” and “Just Like U Said it Would B” where the release in the rest of the world had “Thank You for Hearing Me”, “Jackie” and “This IS a Rebel Song” instead.

The compilation included two tracks that had involvement from U2, both from soundtracks. In 1986, for one of her earliest recordings, Sinéad O’Connor worked with The Edge on his recording of the soundtrack to the film “Captive”. The song had been released as a single and also featured on the soundtrack album. The version released here is the same as the one found on the soundtrack. Larry Mullen Jr. also joins The Edge on this track, although he is not credited in the liner notes for this release by Sinéad. In 1993, Sinéad O’Connor would also work with Gavin Friday and Bono on the soundtrack to “In the Name of the Father”. They wrote the song “You Made Me the Thief of Your Heart” for Sinéad to sing. It too had been released as a single, with multiple mixes. The version released here is the same as the one found on the soundtrack to that film. A third track has some U2 connections on this compilation. Sinead’s song “The Is a Rebel Song” was playfully named to differ from the way Bono would often introduce “Sunday Bloody Sunday” in concert by saying “This is not a Rebel Song”. Sinéad specifically chose the title to counter that introduction.

On October 16, 2021 the album was reissued on clear vinyl in the UK as part of the 2021 National Album Day in the UK. The release used the US version of the track listing. The 2021 celebration of the album format focused on women in music."

Grade: NM (Cover) / VG+ (CD)


1. Nothing Compares 2 U
2. Mandinka
3. The Emperor's New Clothes
4. The Last Day Of Our Acquaintance
5. Fire On Babylon
6. Troy
7. I Am Stretched On Your Grave
8. Success Has Made A Failure Of Our Home
9. John I Love You
10. Empire - Bomb The Bass (feat. Benjamin Zephaman and Sinead O'Connor)
11. I Want Your (Hands On Me)
12. Heroine (Theme From Captive) (The Edge and Sinead O'Connor)
13. Don't Cry For Me Argentina
14. You Made Me The Thief Of Your Heart
15. Just Like U Said It Would B