Shannon Wright "Dyed In The Wool" Clear Indie-Exclusive LP (2022)
Quarterstick Records

Shannon Wright "Dyed In The Wool" Clear Indie-Exclusive LP (2022)

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Details: Shannon Wright's third album, "Dyed In The Wool" pressed on vinyl for the very first time 20 years after its original release by Quarterstick Records, 2022. New stock, indie-exclusive on clear vinyl, sealed.

Description: "Just over twenty years after its original release, Shannon Wright's third album, Dyed in the Wool, is being released for the first time on vinyl! One of Shannon Wright's classics, partly recorded by Steve Albini, will be available on September 9th in all good record stores. Dyed in the Wool is a comprehensive document of Shannon’s unique and consistent capacity for writing beautiful songs. The record highlights haunting melodies that wind themselves through Shannon’s dark and poetic landscapes. The core of these songs is their attention to catchy, complex vocal melodies, which are some of Shannon’s most inspired recorded performances. The instrumental arrangements are more complex and cohesive than ever, providing elegant texture and sophistication while retaining the trademark intimacy and bare-bones honesty of Shannon’s earlier work. It lays claim to Shannon being an author impossible to counterfeit, and difficult to draw the comparison to either by gender or genre. Guests appear from such indie luminaries as Rachel’s, The Shipping News, Japancakes, Edith Frost, and The Glands, each one adding more depth and nuance to Shannon’s already stellar songwriting."

Grade: M (new stock)


A1. Less Than A Moment
A2. The Hem Around Us
A3. Hinterland
A4. Vessel For A Minor Malady
A5. You Hurry Wonder
A6. Dyed In The Wool


B1. Method Of Sleeping
B2. Surly Demise
B3. Colossal Hours
B4. The Path Of Least Persistence (Figure II)
B5. The Sable
B6. Bells