Scrawl “He’s Drunk” LP (1988)
Scrawl “He’s Drunk” LP (1988)
Scrawl “He’s Drunk” LP (1988)
Rough Trade Records

Scrawl “He’s Drunk” LP (1988)

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Details: Scrawl’s 1999 album, “He’s Drunk,” released on Rough Trade Records. Missing original insert. Light bends on cover/edge/corner wear. 

Description: “Though Scrawl still sounds ragged and tentative in the studio, He's Drunk is much better than their debut, with across-the-board improvement. The band sounds more comfortable with each other and the first instances of the band's knack for committing catchy folk-punk to tape peek through ("Green Beer," "Breaker Breaker"). Rough production cramps some of the tunefulness, but it's not as demo-sounding as their previous LP. One of Scrawl's distinct features over bands of their time was their ability to handle familial relationships and friendship issues without sounding dopey; "For Your Sister" is one such example. A cover of Felice and Boudleaux Bryant's "Rocky Top" lends a bit of a cow-punk edge, and a rare occasion where Scrawl show their sense of humor (also see their Paula Abdul homage on Bloodsucker) looms on a version of "Let it All Hang Out": "Black clothes, white white tan/ That's the way I catch my man, uh huh”.—AllMusic

Grade: VG+ (Cover/Record)


A1. 1-1
A2. Green Beer
A3. Ready
A4. Breaker Breaker 
A5. For Your Sister
A6. Believe


B1. I Feel Your Pain
B2. Let It All Hang Out
B3. Small Day
B4. Rocky Top
B5. Which One Are You?
B6. Major/Minor