Scandal ft. Patty Smyth "Warrior" LP (1984)
Scandal ft. Patty Smyth "Warrior" LP (1984)
Scandal ft. Patty Smyth "Warrior" LP (1984)
Scandal ft. Patty Smyth "Warrior" LP (1984)
Columbia Records

Scandal ft. Patty Smyth "Warrior" LP (1984)

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Details: Used LP, Scandal featuring Patty Smyth, which features the title track and single "Warrior" as well as "Hands Tied," which was co-written by Holly Knight (who co-wrote the song "Obsession" with Michael Des Barres, eventually covered by new wave band Animotion) and Mike Chapman (who co-wrote a number of hits for Suzi Quatro, including Can the Can). As well, a Journey-penned track, "Only the Young," appears as the last song on Side A.

Although "Only the Young" was written by bandmates Jonathan Cain, Neal Schon, and Steve Perry, the rights of the song were actually bought and then sold to Scandal. When Journey decided to re-record the track in 1985 and release it as a single, there was a legal battle that ensued (a literal scandal) surrounding the track and the incident between the two versions.

When this album came out in 1984, Scandal had a lot to live up to as their debut release prior to their album remained one of Columbia's fastest-selling EPs of 1984 due to their success with the single, "Goodbye To You." If you listen to both "Only The Young" tracks, to see which you prefer--the Scandal version's singing by Patty Smyth and her cadence treatment of the song is hard to beat even if it is Steve Perry singing on an opposite-Journey-performed version. Also, that would have cut royalties for Smyth and Scandal, so they must have understandably been non-plussed, to say the least, especially as the track had been purchased specifically for the album, Warrior.

Description: "Warrior is the debut and the only, full-length album by American rock band Scandal (billed on the album as "Scandal featuring Patty Smyth"). The album reached a high of #17 on the U.S. Billboard Hot 200 album chart on the strength of the lead single "The Warrior". In 2014, an expanded and remastered edition was released, which included as bonus tracks the five songs from 1982's Scandal (EP).

After growing up in the Brooklyn neighborhood Gerritsen Beach, Smyth joined Scandal as lead vocalist in 1981. The band released a self-titled debut EP the next year. Featuring the song "Goodbye to You," it went on to become Columbia Records' biggest-selling EP. In 1984, they put out their follow-up, Warrior. Buoyed by MTV airplay, the album peaked at No. 17 on the U.S. Billboard 200 chart, and the first song off the release, also titled "The Warrior," was a Top 10 hit. However, despite their success, internal strife within the band led to their break-up soon afterward."

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1. The Warrior
2. Beat Of A Heart
3. Hands Tied
4. Less Than Half
5. Only The Young (Journey)


1. All I Want
2. Talk To Me
3. Say What You Will
4. Tonight
5. Maybe We Went Too Far