Romeo Void, "Say No" Single (1984). Front cover image. Post-punk, new wave, sax punk.
Romeo Void, "Say No" Single (1984). Back cover image. Post-punk, new wave, sax punk.
Romeo Void, "Say No" Single (1984). Record label sticker image. Post-punk, new wave, sax punk.
Columbia Records

Romeo Void "Say No" Single (1984)

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Details: Used 7" record, Romeo Void single for "Say No," some ring wear on cover, but in very good condition otherwise.

Be sure to familiarize yourself with one of the great punk bands of the early- 80s new wave/post-punk scene. Romeo Void had a trademark sax sound thanks to Benjamin Bossi (who has since lost his hearing/can no longer play) but should well be remembered for powerful tracks performed by the amazing Deborah Iyall who fronted the band and came up with lyrics to the brilliant tracks, "Never Say Never" and "A Girl In Trouble (Is A Temporary Thing)," and "Say No," among others. The band was shortlived due to record labels trying to force them into a box, but while they were together, they released three albums. The single "Say No" is from their third and final studio album, Instincts (1984) on Columbia. Be sure to check out this and their earlier releases.

Description: "Romeo Void was an American new wave/post-punk band from San Francisco, California, formed in 1979. The band primarily consisted of saxophonist Benjamin Bossi, vocalist Debora Iyall, guitarist Peter Woods, and bassist Frank Zincavage. The band went through four drummers, starting with Jay Derrah and ending with Aaron Smith. The band released three albums, It's a Condition, Benefactor and Instincts, along with one EP. They are best known for the songs "Never Say Never" and "A Girl in Trouble (Is a Temporary Thing)"; the latter became a Top 40 pop single.

The band was started at the San Francisco Art Institute by Iyall and Zincavage. They released a single on the recently formed 415 Records before recording their debut album, which has been deemed a "masterpiece of American post-punk". The success of their second release, a four-song EP, Never Say Never resulted in a distribution deal with Columbia Records. The band continued to release music and tour until they broke up in 1985. The members have reunited briefly over the years. Iyall has continued to pursue music as a side project. Iyall garnered acclaim as a skilled lyricist who explored themes like sexuality and alienation from a female perspective with "searing imagery".

Grade: VG+ (sleeve) / NM (record)

Tracklisting Side A:

1. Say No

Tracklisting Side B:

1. Six Days And One