Regina Spektor "11:11" 20th Anniversary Ed. RE LP (2022)
Sire Records

Regina Spektor "11:11" 20th Anniversary Ed. RE LP (2022)

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Details: Regina Spektor "11:11" Reissued and Remastered LP (2022, Sire Records). Black vinyl, new stock, sealed. "20th Anniversary edition of Regina Spektor's Debut Album on vinyl for the first time." Comes with a 4-page lyric booklet.

Description: "Barely two years after releasing 11:11, Spektor embarked on her first-ever nationwide tour opening for another New York act, the Strokes. Despite her intimate performance style and oddball songs, she quickly swept to international fame. ... Previously immortalized through digital file sharing after the CDs sold out, 11:11 is a portrait of an artist who appears too genuine to be human, too creative to be self-conscious, and too curious to be contained. Alongside Papa’s Bootlegs, it’s a time capsule for Spektor’s early days in New York City and a document of the spark that ignited her songwriting career."--Nina Corcoran, Pitchfork

Grade: M (new stock)


A1. Love Affair
A2. Rejazz
A3. Back of a Truck
A4. Buildings
A5. Marry Ann
A6. Flyin


B1. Wasteside
B2. Pavlov's Daughter
B3. 2.99¢Blues
B4. Braille
B5. I Want To Sing
B6. Sunshine