Rainer Maria "A Better Version Of Me" LP (2001)
Rainer Maria "A Better Version Of Me" LP (2001)
Rainer Maria "A Better Version Of Me" LP (2001)
Polyvinyl Records

Rainer Maria "A Better Version Of Me" LP (2001)

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Details: Black vinyl release of "A Better Version Of Me" by Rainer Maria. Shipped from the distributor with a few minor creases inside of shrink (see images). Still sealed. Priced to go.

Description: "Rainer Maria spent nearly two years writing and touring to create this transitory third album. After mastering the interplay between girl/boy vocals, A Better Version of Me saw Kaia Fischer concentrating more on guitar while Caithlin de Marrais became the primary lyricist.

With A Better Version of Me, Rainer Maria completed a dramatic arc that no one had realized was forming over the course of the previous two albums. Refusing to be pigeon-holed as "couples rock," the band consciously wrote the album as a sound of solitudes circling one another, just as the poet Rilke described.

Before Rainer Maria was a band, they were all part of a booking collective, bringing punk and indie rock bands from around the world to their college town of Madison, Wisconsin, in the mid-1990s. Kaia Fischer and William Kuehn had played music together before, but when they added Caithlin De Marrais to the mix, the trio took off. Together, they spun raw and tumultuous emotion into driving rock music, with literary and philosophical interests and influences that endeared them to many also searching through the underground for their place in the world.

Over the course of several full-length albums and EPs, paired with an ambitious amount of time spent in DIY spaces, basement shows, and rock clubs throughout the US, Rainer Maria cemented themselves as an early cornerstone for Polyvinyl, and as ambassadors of the Midwest indie rock scene now so revered by later-day musicians and fans."

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A1. Artificial Light
A2. Thought I Was
A3. Ceremony
A4. The Seven Sisters
A5. Save My Skin


B1. The Contents Of Lincoln's Pockets
B2. Atropine
B3. Spit And Fire
B4. Hell And High Water