Quattracenta S/T EP (2017)
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Quattracenta S/T EP (2017)

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Details: Quattracenta's debut self-titled EP, recorded and mixed by J Robbins (Jawbox/Government Issue) at Magpie Cage Recording Studio. Great condition previously owned copy. Black vinyl.

Description: "The early to mid-80s New York underground produced a dark strain of No Wave-influenced post-punk bands such as Sonic Youth, Rat At Rat R, and Live Skull—amongst countless other unknowns—whose brooding, paranoia-inducing sounds oozed like napalm across an already-decayed urban landscape. Baltimore, MD’s Quattracenta—a quartet featuring former members of The Uniform, Lo Moda, Piranha Pariah, and Home Recording Project—could have easily been one of those bands, as their sound is so spiritually akin, it’s frightening. That said, the band is no mere copyist and thrust a very modern take on those old tropes. Their J. Robbins (Jawbox/Government Issue)-produced EP shows them honing their bewitching/repellent, mechanic/organic clang to great effect. A strong debut." - The Big Takeover Magazine, Issue #83 (Brian Swirsky)

Grade: NM (Record/Sleeve)


A1. Drapes
A2. Thin
A3. Die Down Here


B1. Hang The Moon
B2. Waiting
B3. Tangier