Prissteens, The "The Hound" LTD LP (2020)
Prissteens, The "The Hound" LTD LP (2020)
Prissteens, The "The Hound" LTD LP (2020)
Girlsville Records

Prissteens, The "The Hound" LTD LP (2020)

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Details: The Prissteens 2020 LP compilation released on Girlsville Records, limited edition. New stock, comes opened/unsealed (as shipped from the label) on black vinyl.

Description: "I can’t remember where I was musically in 1998 but somehow I missed The Prissteens first album, ‘Scandal, Controversy & Romance.‘ With its homage to 60s pop girl groups like The Shangri-Las, straight-ahead Ramones punk, Sonics-like garage rock, and power-pop it was right up my alley.

Unfortunately, I wasn’t the only one that missed it. At one time in the late 90s things were really looking up for The Prissteens. Their debut LP was on a major label and produced by Richard Gottehrer who had worked with the Go-Gos and Blondie, they were label mates with Garbage, they were managed by DJ Jim ‘The Hound’ Marshall, and loved by Joey Ramone. The garage rocker ‘The Hound‘ from the debut was featured on Beverley Hills 90210 and another track, ‘Beat You Up‘ made it to the soundtrack for the teen-flick Jawbreaker. However, somehow The Prissteens were quickly dropped from their label and disbanded soon after.

Portland DIY label Girlsville has done an amazing job of reintroducing the band back into our consciousness with a series of releases including three volumes of demos and rarities and a Christmas EP. The latest, ‘The Hound‘ more or less stands as the never-released second album even though it includes ‘The Hound‘ and ‘Someday‘ from Scandal. However, the versions here are raw and rough around the edges which is how The Prissteens sound best.

The crunchy guitar sound on garage jams like ‘Oh Billy‘ and ‘Wildman‘ is to die for but The Prissteens are no one-trick garage rock pony. There are sweet sweet pop hooks littered throughout the 16 tracks. For me, ‘Nothing To Say‘ is a power-pop masterpiece worth the price of admission alone.

Releasing in February 2020, first time on vinyl and super limited to 250 copies or on CD with bonus tracks that wouldn’t fit on the LP ..."--Album of the Week, 50thirdand3rd

Grade: M (new stock)


A1. How Does It Feel To Feel
A2. Outta Style
A3. Stormy Weather
A4. If You Really Loved Me
A5. Nothing To Say
A6. Oh Billy!
A7. Sugarboy


B1. The Hound
B2. Wildman
B3. Hercules
B4. He's Luckier Than You
B5. Oh Howard! 
B6. Teenage Dicks
B7. Someday
B8. I'm A Mess
B9. Are You Ready?