Positive No "Partners In The Wild" CD DIGI (2017)
Positive No "Partners In The Wild" CD DIGI (2017)
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Positive No "Partners In The Wild" CD DIGI (2017)

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Details: Brand new stock. Richmond, VA-based band Positive No (featuring Tracy Keats Wilson of Dahlia Seed, and Ringfinger). Positive No's songs are written between the musical partnership of lead vocalist and writer Tracy Keats Wilson and lead guitarist Kenneth Close. Throughout their recording catalog, their sound has always remained solid which is no small feat for any artist. This album lineup featured regular drummer Keith Renna and friend Jon Procopio on bass. Keats Wilson's vocal delivery punches right through their songs' wiry post-punk and fuzz-laden frenetic instrumentation and is unmistakable in both style and sound, mixing both light and heavy, with ease. 

Description: "The Richmond, Virginia indie band Positive No started out as a project from Tracy Wilson ... of the ’90s post-hardcore band Dahlia Seed, [and Kenneth Close]. But Positive No doesn’t sound like Dahlia Seed. Instead, they sound like the wiry, serrated ’90s bands that walked the line between indie rock and pop-punk. If you’re a fan of Superchunk — and you should really be a fan of Superchunk — then there’s a whole lot to like in what they do. There’s a bit of Breeders or Speedy Ortiz in there, too. ... the band followed up their 2013 full-length debut Glossa with the new album Partners In The Wild. It’s a catchy, homespun piece of rock music...." - Stereogum

Positive No recorded their brilliant final album, Kyanite, with J. Robbins at Magpie Cage in 2019 and played one final (amazing) show with both Jawbox and Hammered Hulls in DC before officially disbanding.

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1. Y.A.A.Y.Y.
2. Become Of Us
3. Hey Angel
4. Roy Rogers & Dale Evans
5. Kind Reminder
6. Broken
7. Debate Team Captain
8. Lights Out
9. Flourish Exeunt
10. Energy Crisis
11. My Best (Awaiting Your Reply)
12. Fault Line