Pinkwash "Cancer Money" Single (2015)
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Pinkwash "Cancer Money" Single (2015)

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Details: Philadelphia-based Pinkwash's single for "Cancer Money" released on Sister Polygon Records label (Katie Alice Greer/Priests) in 2015. Pre-dates their full-length release for "Collective Sigh" in 2016, led by bandmates Ashley Arnwine (drums) and Joey Doubek (guitar).

Description: "Pinkwash play a fiery, feral form of math-punk, getting locked into these enormous grooves that have their own geometric logic, which isn’t necessarily one you’d recognize."--Tom Breihan, Stereogum

"Pinkwash are often described as “mathy.” It’s a word that suggests hyper-technical instrumentation, occasionally erratic but nonetheless mechanical. The Philadelphia duo of singer-guitarist Joey Doubek and drummer Ashley Arnwine certainly seem to appreciate that kind of precision, especially Arnwine's stutter-steps and kick-starts. But there's a passionate spirit housed within. Much of the band’s material is inspired by Doubek’s mourning for his mother, who he lost in 2009 to breast cancer. The first two Pinkwash releases—2014’s Your Cure Your Soul and 2015’s “Cancer Money”—might have been “mathy" from an instrumental perspective, but they're ultimately works of the heart."--Zoe Camp, Pitchfork

Grade: M


A1. Cancer Money


B1. Skin