No Wave Compilation LP (1978)
No Wave Compilation LP (1978)
No Wave Compilation LP (1978)
A&M Records

No Wave Compilation LP (1978)

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Details: This is a near mint used copy of a compilation 'new wave' album featuring tracks from up and coming new wave, punk and power-pop bands of the late 70s early 80s; The Stranglers, The Police, Squeeze, Joe Jackson, and The Dickies. A&M put out a few of these compilation albums as well, with similar lineups, because this compilation sold so well at the time and they were able to make the label look like it was keeping with current times. It was one of many 'no wave' comps, but still is pretty cool looking, and has various hits by the bands of that period. Fun comp!

Description: "For whatever reason, A+M Records was convinced that this New Wave thing would one day connect with a mass audience. In spite of the bad rep punk rock got in America. This album had a profound reverberant quality in the development of my friends and me and after all of these years, ten of its tracks reside in my Record Cell. They have for decades. The stylish packaging gives it that element X that causes it to stand out in any setting. The colored vinyl is gorgeous." - Post-Punk Monk music blog

Grade: NM (Cover) / NM (Record)


1. U.K. Squeeze - Take Me I'm Yours
2. The Police - Roxanne
3. Klark Kent - Don't Care
4. The Secret - I'm Alive
5. The Stranglers - Bring On The Nubiles


1. U.K. Squeeze - Strong In Reason
2. Joe Jackson - Sunday Papers
3. The Dickies - Give It Back
4. The Police - Next To You
5. The Stranglers - Nice N' Sleazy