Monade "A Few Steps More" CD (2005)
Monade "A Few Steps More" CD (2005)
Monade "A Few Steps More" CD (2005)
Monade "A Few Steps More" CD (2005)
Too Pure

Monade "A Few Steps More" CD (2005)

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Details: Laetitia Sadier's (Stereolab) side-project: Monade's second studio album, released in 2005, on Too Pure. Previously owned CD digipak, some light corner, and edgewear on digipak, CD is in fine condition. Artwork/illustrations on CD and digipak by Rachel Ortas.

Description: "On Monade's second album, A Few Steps MoreLaetitia Sadier turns her formerly intimate, bedroom-based Stereolab side project into a more full-fledged band, adding a drummer, guitarist, and bassist/second vocalist. Though the small, often homespun feel of Socialisme ou Barbarie was a big part of its charm, Monade makes the transition from solo act to band more or less seamlessly, gaining a bigger sound without losing Sadier's distinctive stamp. Though this band's arrangements are simpler and slightly more rock-based than Stereolab's, Sadier's vocals and melodies are unmistakable, no matter what their surroundings, and like almost all of Sadier's projects, this new version of Monade and A Few Steps More are nothing less than lovely. This set of songs is also more consistent than Socialisme ou Barbarie, with "Paradoxale," the stylish title track, the summery "Das Kind," and the hypnotic, mercurial duet "Sensible et Extensible" holding the album together, and shorter songs like "Ditty Sweep" and "Dittyam" offering small but colorful musical sketches. A pretty, refreshing working holiday, A Few Steps More balances the intimate charm of Monade's previous work with a slightly more ambitious, but still off-the-cuff, feel that should please Sadier fans."--Heather Phares, AllMusic

Grade: VG+ (Digipak) / NM (CD)


1. Wash And Dance
2. A Few Steps More
3. La Salle Des Pas Perdus
4. Das Kind
5. 2 Portes, 7 Fenetres
6. Dittysweep
7. Becoming
8. Pas Toujours; Encore
9. Sensible Et Extensible
10. Dittyah
11. Paradoxale
12. There Are Things That No One's Told You About