Max Richter "From Sleep" PROMO CD (2015)
Max Richter "From Sleep" PROMO CD (2015)
Max Richter "From Sleep" PROMO CD (2015)
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Max Richter "From Sleep" PROMO CD (2015)

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Details: This is a brand new promotional CD single that was given away at Rough Trade to promote a new album by German/British classical composer Max Richter (for his LP "Sleep"). Max Richter is a classical and commercial composer whose work has appeared in commercials, television, and movies (Shutter Island, Handmaid's Tale, Ad Astra, etc). If you are looking for thought-provoking contemporary classical music, give Max Richter's tracks a listen.

Description: "German-born British composer, [Max Richter] co-founded the contemporary classical ensemble Piano Circus, with which he stayed for ten years, he has worked with, among many others, Roni Size and Future Sound of London."

Grade: NM (cover) / NM (CD)


1. Selene
2. Diffraction Sequence
3. Origins (Ursa Major)

Background on Max Richter (on NPR Tiny Desk):