Magik Markers "Balf Quarry" LP (2009)
Magik Markers "Balf Quarry" LP (2009)
Magik Markers "Balf Quarry" LP (2009)
Magik Markers "Balf Quarry" LP (2009)
Magik Markers "Balf Quarry" LP (2009)
Drag City

Magik Markers "Balf Quarry" LP (2009)

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Details: Magik Markers have always saddled the line between noise and vein throbbing hooks. They recently released a four-song digital-only EP called "Isolated from Exterior Time: 2020" but have otherwise been working on personal projects since 2013's "Surrender To The Fantasy" was released. This album, 2009's "Balf Quarry" was released post-"Boss," in 2007. A slab of uncured meat, Magik Markers' Balf Quarry seems darker than Boss and packed with more dirge and definitely more garage and noise. Magik Markers continue to be the magical unicorn clairvoyant musical freaks they were destined to be and we love it.

Description: "The Balf Quarry may have paved the streets of Hartford, but the Markers are coating the streets of your ears...with vomit, beautiful vomit! The sound is singularly creepy as if made for some lost horror film. *Balf Quarry's dark beauty is further twisted with the assistance of producer Scott Colburn and assistant axe-wielder Ben Chasny." - Drag City

Grade: NM (Cover/Record)


1. Risperdal
2. Don't Talk In Your Sleep 
3. Jerks
4. Psychosomatic
5. 7/23
6. State Numbers


7. The Ricercar Of Dr. Clara Haber
8. The Lighter Side Of...Hippies
9. Ohio R./Live/Hoosier
10. Shells