Lydia Loveless "Daughter" LP (2020)
Lydia Loveless "Daughter" LP (2020)
Honey, You're Gonna Be Late Records

Lydia Loveless "Daughter" LP (2020)

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Details: Lydia Loveless' fifth studio album, independently released on Honey, You're Gonna Be Late Records, by Loveless. Black vinyl, new stock, sealed.

Description: "Lydia Loveless is working through a few things on her new album. Daughter is her first new release in four years, during which time Loveless got divorced, moved from Ohio to North Carolina, and was frank on social media about her mental health, and also having been sexually harassed by someone in the orbit of her former record label. So there’s a lot to cover on her fifth LP.

She hasn’t lost her knack for writing brutally candid songs: Loveless is as frank as ever on these 10 tracks. She has, however, learned to pull back from the flame-thrower vocal sensibility of her earlier material. Loveless has a massive, powerful voice that she uses to great effect, though the effect is even greater, and hits even harder when she blends it with a measure of restraint instead of going full-bore all the time.

Singing with greater nuance also helps put the focus on her lyrics, which can be flat-out wrenching. Loveless sings with a mix of remorse and dismay on “Wringer,” a divorce song where the opening lines refer to dividing up possessions: “You give the sweetest kisses, dear,” she sings on the refrain. “But you leave the stinger.”--Paste Magazine

Grade: M (new stock)


A1. Dead Writer
A2. Love Is Not Enough
A3. Wringer
A4. Can't Think
A5. Say My Name


B1. Never
B2. Daughter
B3. When You're Gone
B4. September
B5. Don't Bother Mountain