Lucid Express "Floret" Orange RE LP (2023)
Lucid Express "Floret" Orange RE LP (2023)
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Lucid Express "Floret" Orange RE LP (2023)

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Details: Lucid Express "Floret" Orange RE LP (2023, Kanine Records). New stock, sealed.

Description: "Long before Lucid Express released their eponymous debut album last year, the same five musicians created their first recordings together as Thud and released the 5-track digital EP Floret (2015).

However, the years that followed were tumultuous, both personally and politically. In those years the band describes a depression setting in as Hong Kong’s democratic future began to look uncertain, and at times downright hopeless, with pro-democracy protests ruthlessly cracked down on by the state. It was in this environment and its scenes of tear-gassed and beaten protesters served as a backdrop to the group’s inception and young growth. Add to this an increase in politically-targeted arrests, and death threats openly delivered by government officials and it is understandable how this oppressive weight infiltrated most aspects of everyday life in the region. At some point, this depression spread to the music scene, and amongst shows being canceled, and releases stalled, Floret quietly slipped offline.

Pressed onto vinyl for the first time, fully remastered, repackaged with new artwork, and expanded with remixes from some of the group’s favorite artists. These collaborations bring an international flair to the EP which was originally tracked in Hong Kong and now features remixes from Austin, TX (Elliott Frazier), New York City (Orchin), Tokyo (For Tracy Hyde), Bavaria (The B.V.’s), and London (Max Bloom from Yuck)."

Grade: M (new stock)


A1. Lime
A2. She's A Loner
A3. Blank
A4. Venture


B5. Lime (Elliott Frazier Remix)
B6. She's A Loner (Orchin Remix)
B7. Venture (For Tracy Hyde Remix)
B8. Blank (The BV's Remix)
B9. Lime (Max Bloom Remix)