La Bise "So Long + Stagnant Motion" CASS EP (2020)
La Bise "So Long + Stagnant Motion" CASS EP (2020)
La Bise "So Long + Stagnant Motion" CASS EP (2020)
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La Bise "So Long + Stagnant Motion" CASS EP (2020)

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Details: Brand new super limited cassette release by Halifax-based (Canadian) post-punk band La Bise (French to English translation: The Kiss) released and limited to 35 (total) cassettes on the Abattoir label. The cassette comes in a sealed opaque black bag with the La Bise 2019 five-song EP "So Long" on the A-Side (cut together at 13:13), and two brand new tracks cut-together and recorded live to form "Stagnant" running 8:30 on the B-Side. Pounding drums and far-away vocals--dark (gothic) guitar sounds that feel reminiscent of Cocteau Twins or The Cure.

Description: So Long was a five-song EP released by La Bise (the kiss) in October of 2019. Recorded and produced by Scott Randles and mixed and mastered by Ben Brennan, with art by Lauren Randles. "Stagnant Motion" was released in September of 2020 and is a compilation of two new unreleased songs "Eversion" and "Black Veil" by La Bise. Composed of five individually recorded tracks that converge as one auditory evocation with visual accompaniment. A depiction of little solace in solitude and fragmented disillusion among the Coronavirus pandemic. The video for this two-song track (Stagnant, below) was created in K'jipuktuk, Halifax for EVERYSEEKER's digital, distance-oriented festival, Emergent Response. More info at Directed by La Bise and edited and animated by Lauren Randles ( Filmed by La Bise and Lauren Randles Drone footage by James Gaudet (@james__gaudet). Recorded by La Bise Mixed and mastered by Scott Randles. Profits from the video/event were distributed to a women's org called Women's Wellness Within in Nova Scotia."

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A1. Night Swim
A2. Ancestors
A3. After Dark
A4. Accommodate Me
A5. Get Up Troy


B1. Eversion
B2. Black Veil