Korine "Uncrossed/To You" Single (2019)
Korine "Uncrossed/To You" Single (2019)
Korine "Uncrossed/To You" Single (2019)
Born Losers

Korine "Uncrossed/To You" Single (2019)

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Details: Clear vinyl single for Korine's 2019 release of "Uncrossed" b/w "To You" on Born Losers Records. Open but mint condition/unplayed. Released in September 2019. Open to check variant and matrix, but unplayed.

Description: "Korine is a Philadelphia based electronic pop duo consisting of members Morgy Ramone and Trey Frye. The pair blends new wave nostalgia with modern pop sensibilities, contrasting upbeat rhythms against sullen, emotionally evocative lyrics. 

Ramone and Frye met in 2015 after moving to Philadelphia within the same month but from very different places. Ramone coming from Brooklyn after residing there for 6 years and Frye from West Virginia where he was born. By chance, the two were hired at a mutually loathed cafe in West Philly, and there discovered several shared artistic interests and began working on music and photography together. After a handful of demos and experiments “Korine” was formally introduced in late 2017 with a self-released EP Corsage and photo zine the pair created while shooting film during the songwriting process.

Korine debuted their first full-length record New Arrangements in 2018 on Born Losers Records which helped land the band multiple nationwide tours and two sold-out vinyl pressings. Following this release were two acclaimed singles “Uncrossed” and “To You” which were specially released on a limited 7” vinyl in the Fall of 2019, and marked a stylistic evolution for the band - a departure from the familiar 80s era influence to incorporate a more contemporary pop awareness." - Terrorbird PR

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A1. Uncrossed


B1. To You