Komeda "What Makes It Go" CD (1998)
Komeda "What Makes It Go" CD (1998)
Komeda "What Makes It Go" CD (1998)
Komeda "What Makes It Go" CD (1998)
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Komeda "What Makes It Go" CD (1998)

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Details: Swedish band Komeda's third studio album, released in 1998, on North of No South Records. Great condition used CD.

Description: "Komeda is a Swedish quartet who gives us quirky, danceable ditties with memorable melodies. Funky electronics, basslines, and mesmerizing rhythms roll along by playing off one another. There exists a '60s flair with added horns, analog synths, and acoustic guitars that pound out rhythms. Maybe, a Stereolab reference could by placed with the synth/drums set up. Strings on every song are used to give the fun a twinge of sadness, a wonderful element. The vocals of Lena Karlsson are a deserving focus in the mix of What Makes It Go? Her phrasing and accenting make the words flow in these songs. She is a sassy singer that sounds like an old blues/Dixieland singer set in the rock world. "Curious" seems to be the single, with a '60s Muzak feel highlighted by Stevie Wonder-sounding horns and organs. There is a nice flowing chorus chanting of the wonders of human nature. "Flabbergast" moves along playing with key, sounding a bit like the Cure. In parts, it sounds as if the Casio demonstration has stepped in alongside the amazing vocals of Karlsson. The chorus busts out of nowhere to step the song up levels. The lyrics are step-by-step directions for living. A nice outro of drone bells and strings creates a dramatic effect. Komeda always seems to keep the feeling light and fun. You cannot help smiling and nodding your head to What Makes It Go?"--AllMusic

Grade: NM (CD/Cover)


1. Binario
2. It's Alright, Baby
3. Curious
4. Cul De Sac
5. Living Things
6. Flabbergast
7. Campfire
8. Happyment
9. Our Hosptality
10. Focus
11. A Simple Formality