JOY "JOY" CS (2021)
JOY "JOY" CS (2021)
Girlsville Records

JOY "JOY" CS (2021)

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Details: Girlsville Records presents New Orleans-based JOY. Limited cassette release: white cassette shell with black pad printing. Comes with d/l.

Description: "a wailing, weirdly catchy cacophony of kilterless groove punk perfect for throwing a brick through a Starbucks window, or just getting cigarette burns on your older sister’s Pylon shirt."--Zachary Lipez, Abundant Living

"Joy is a New Orleans trio that makes crusty peace punk, mixing This Heat and Rudimentary Peni into Killing Joke's industrial intensity."--Tracy Wilson, Turntable Report

“A guitar/bass/drums trio with the latter element, Griz Palella, chipping in extra electronics and sharing vocals with guitarist Pasha Jovanovic, at various points Joy sounds – to me – like Fugazi
, The Mob, Shopping, The Slits, Chicks On Speed … and NOLA neighbors Special Interest, if only because I’d like to think a band that inspiring are, well, inspiring others in their locale.”--Noel Gardner, The Quietus

"Midfi, crystal clear angular punk songs that are equally catchy and discordant. Scratchy, taught guitar over tight baselines and metronomic drums aligned with astute, deadpan vocals and excellent songwriting. They really have it all. Not a dull moment in this release."--Sims, (ig @u2_is_a_government_drone)

Grade: M (new stock)


A1. Dirty
A2. Rotting Crown
A3. Daj Mi
A4. Idols of Perversity
A4. Decorated Shame