Jeannie C. Riley "Yearbooks and Yesterdays" LP (1969)
Jeannie C. Riley "Yearbooks and Yesterdays" LP (1969)
Jeannie C. Riley "Yearbooks and Yesterdays" LP (1969)
Plantation (Sun Records)

Jeannie C. Riley "Yearbooks and Yesterdays" LP (1969)

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Details: Promo copy of Jeannie C. Riley's album, Yearbooks and Yesterdays, released in 1969. Some bending in the bottom left corner of EP, and wear on sides. Very little (if any) ring wear, album is cleaned and has light scuff marks but does not impact playback. Album cover looks great, also! VG++ Terre Haute Press

Description: "There needs to be a Jeannie C. Riley revival. Everyone who’s heard her “Harper Valley P.T.A.” likely already adores Riley’s distinctive, husky alto. What’s mostly overlooked is in addition to being no one-hit wonder — five more Top Ten hits followed her signature song — she was also a concept album artist. Just as her breakthrough album chronicled a whole town’s worth of Harper Valley citizens, her follow-up, Yearbooks and Yesterdays, was a set of songs themed to recalling the high school years of its characters. Like a lot of reunions, things begin rose-colored, then rapidly fall apart: In “What Was Her Name,” a teen bride dies violently, and in “Whatever Happened to Charlie Brown,” a boy flees town after getting his girlfriend pregnant. “The Girl Most Likely,” the best of her subsequent hits, finds her bemoaning the reputations poor girls get precisely because they’re poor. Her giddiness when it turns out to be another girl in trouble is cruel, sure, but her schadenfreude is understandable enough. Catchy, too." -

Grade: VG+ (Cover/Record)


A1. Yearbooks And Yesterdays
A2. What Was Her Name
A3. Edna Burgoo
A4. My Scrapbook
A5. The Part Of Honey
A6. What Ever Happened To Charlie Brown


B1. The Girl Most Likely
B2. Back To School
B3. That's How It Is With Him And Me
B4. Teardrops On Page Forty-Three
B5. Box Of Memories
B6. A Taste Of Tears