Jasmyn "In The Wild" LP (2022)
Jasmyn "In The Wild" LP (2022)

Jasmyn "In The Wild" LP (2022)

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Details: Debut solo record from Toronto artist Jasmyn (ex-Weaves band), out June 3rd, 2022, on Royal Mountain and Anti- Records. Black vinyl. New stock, sealed.

Description: "Jasmyn worked with Grammy award-winning producer John Congleton at his studio in Los Angeles. For Jasmyn, it was important that the sonic universe of the album reflected the ebbs and flows of a transitional chapter, where she could be free to create whatever felt right in that moment. While there’s a continual middle ground that threads itself throughout the album, In The Wild makes room for the quieter, introspective moments, as well as the booming, blossoming catharsis. “I wanted to create songs that would help people feel a type of confidence in themselves,” she says.

It’s on closer “Purple Reflections” that Jasmyn leaves us with this sense of confidence. During the writing process, she became interested in chakras, and especially how the purple chakra represents the crown and connects us to a higher consciousness. Through gliding synths, Jasmyn laments “staring into your eyes feeling like magic”; but this isn’t a song for someone else, this is a love song to the mirror, and it’s through this kind of manifestation that we can reach our truest selves. In The Wild is a call to care, and a call for patience, joy, and trusting your instincts. Here, Jasmyn has constructed a raft for those of us feeling unmoored from ourselves."

Grade: M (new stock)


A1. Green Nature
A2. Crystal Ball
A3. Edge Of Time
A4. In The Wild
A5. Blank Paper


B1. Happy Tarot
B2. Cruel Moon
B3. Galaxy
B4. Killer Instinct
B5. Find The Light
B6. Purple Reflections