Jane Siberry "Teenager" CD (1996)
Jane Siberry "Teenager" CD (1996)
Jane Siberry "Teenager" CD (1996)
Jane Siberry "Teenager" CD (1996)
Sheeba Records

Jane Siberry "Teenager" CD (1996)

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Details: Teenager is a 1996 album by Jane Siberry. It was her first release for Sheeba Records, the independent label she established for herself after the end of her contract with Reprise Records. Fantastic condition used CD. Play-tested.

Description: "Canadian artist Jane Siberry's debut release on her own label--following a string of acclaimed albums for Reprise--consists of new recordings of songs she wrote in her teens, hence the title. While some of the material is transparently adolescent, other tracks reveal a startlingly mature songwriting voice that hints at the genius of Siberry's self-titled debut album, as well as her subsequent work. Among the highlights are the enigmatically beautiful "The Squirrel Crossed The Road," the playful "Bessie," and the folkish, "When Spring Comes." A strong personal statement from an artist who has taken her career into her own hands and an illuminating insight into one of the industry's most original talents."--Billboard

Grade: NM (CD/Sleeve)


1. Introduction
2. The Squirrel Crossed The Road
3. Let's Not Talk Now
4. Song To My Father (Original And New Recording)
5. Broken Birds
6. Puppet City
7. Oh My Sister
8. The Long Pirouette
9. Bessie
10. We Should Be There By Morning
11. Viking Heart
12. When Spring Comes
13. Angel Voyeur
14. Trumpeter Swan