Honeychurch “Will You Be There With Me” CD (2012)
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Honeychurch “Will You Be There With Me” CD (2012)

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Details: 2012 follow-up to “Early Times, 2001-2004” compilation and a brand new studio album for Honeychurch released on digital and CD. Packaged in gatefold LP-style CD sleeve with 8 page color booklet. New stock, sealed.

Description:Will You Be There With Me is a stunning exploration of Americana displaying very strong melodies and at times presenting a more experimental feel. Shilough, Larissa, and company manage to write the best Neil Young song that Neil never wrote, better an original by The Softies, and write a beautiful lament that is the metal ballad hit that never was.”—Jason’s Jukebox 

Grade: M (new stock)


1. Winter Part I
2. Tennessee Valley
3. Miko 2
4. The Dream Is Over
5. Before You Leave
6. Roll River Roll
7. In Which
8. Winter Pageant
9. A Work Suspended 
10. Never
11. Winter Part 2