Honeychurch “Early Times, 2001-2004” CD (2008)
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Honeychurch “Early Times, 2001-2004” CD (2008)

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Details: Honeychurch CD compilation of early albums and demos. New stock, sealed.

Description: “Instead of repressing Honeychurch’s first two CDs, [the band] opted to release their favorite songs from Makes Me Feel Better and Calling Me Home. This also included a cover of The Book Of Love by The Magnetic Fields and a demo track from [Honeychurch’s] upcoming album …”

Grade: M (new stock)


1. Fields Of Fire
2. Chancery Lane
3. Turning Leaves
4. The Story Girl
5. Bottle Of Tears
6. I Have The Moon
7. I Want To Believe
8. Sean’s Song
9. Friendships And Love
10. The Dinner Song
11. Welcome Home, Spacegirl
12. Honeychurch Loves You

Bonus Tracks:

13. The Winter (Demo)
14. The Book Of Love (Demo) (Stephen Merritt)