Hole "Celebrity Skin" CD (1988)
Hole "Celebrity Skin" CD (1988)
Hole "Celebrity Skin" CD (1988)
Hole "Celebrity Skin" CD (1988)
DGC Records

Hole "Celebrity Skin" CD (1988)

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Details: Hole "Celebrity Skin" CD (1988, DGC Records). Gentle wear, previously owned.

Description: "You don’t need to know or love Courtney Love — to care about her highly chronicled trek from ripped cropped tops to Versace gowns — to enjoy this album. Even Love herself, though, can’t deny her own myth: In the album’s very first verse, she casts herself as “a walking study/In demonology.” Love has not seized the occasion of the third Hole album to force her thoughts into a meticulous memoir, a well-put apology, or even a clear explanation. On Celebrity Skin, she isn’t especially after journalistic precision, and she isn’t devising some glam plan to seem brilliant. She just knows exactly the kind of rock star she wants to be, and is it."--Rolling Stone

Grade: VG+/VG+ 


1. Celebrity Skin
2. Awful
3. Hit So Hard
4. Malibu
5. Reasons To Be Beautiful
6. Dying
7. Use Once & Destroy
8. Northern Star
9. Boys On The Radio
10. Heaven Tonight
11. Playing Your Song
12. Petals