Hatchie "Giving The World Away" CD (2022)
Hatchie "Giving The World Away" CD (2022)
Secretly Canadian

Hatchie "Giving The World Away" CD (2022)

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Details: Hatchie's second studio full-length released on Secretly Canadian, digipack CD format. New stock, sealed.

Description: "Giving the World Away tells a story of confidence found, as Hatchie unifies themes of trust, ambition, love, and self-realization by embracing vulnerability as a strength. "It's the concept of giving your heart away," says Hatchie's Harriette Pilbeam, "putting everything on the line...the entire album is really me realizing that I actually need to do that in order to grow and accept myself." Its story comes to life in the way it’s told: new songs are intentionally glossy and hi-fi, joyful and arena-sized in sound, articulating Pilbeam's newfound strength and certainty. In fact, Giving the World Away is a record intentionally built for everyone's empowerment, telling Pilbeam's personal story while also inviting in others to move from the personal to the public, taking the intimate and making it visible. "My last record I wanted people to sing along to," she says. "This one was more about something you can move to. After kind of floating through young adulthood, I realized a lot of the things I'd been missing out on by under-appreciating myself. It's led me to making different decisions not only in regards to my music but also my personal life, the way I dress, the way I socialize, the way I treat my body, etc." Giving the World Away is about finally finding one's footing, embracing visibility, and moving past the fear of the future to welcome its bigger decisions and higher stakes."

Grade: M (new stock)


1. Lights On
2. This Enchanted
3. Twin
4. Take My Hand
5. The Rhythm
6. Quicksand
7. Thinking Of
8. Giving The World Away
9. The Key
10. Don't Leave Me In The Rain
11. Sunday Song
12. Til We Run Out Of Air